November 15, 2022


The Mentor ( No Die No Rest)

By : Mohammed D. Konneh

The Smart Clandestine Thieves (Pre.Sirleaf Regime) and The Nonsensical Open Thieves (Pre. Weah Regime)

” Corruption Is Deadly and More Destructive than Weapons Of Mass Destruction”

There has never been a government so corrupt, fake, and preposterous than the two Leaderships and Governments that have ruled LIBERIA for the past 18 years (Madam Sirleaf and Gbekugbeh Weah).

The Ellen regime was the smartest and idealistic vampires, crooks and decorated clandestinely corrupt ones. They had the smart criminals masquerading and parenbulating in government functions in Chinese Suits and shoes, while they had little bit of system to allow the masses get chicken change (s). They had some of the sophisticated inept nucleated Lawmakers helping them bleed and milking our country dry…

After being abused, supposedly marginalized by the Ellen Regime, Liberian people presumably thought hope have arrived. But sadly, that was just a facade and political farce. It was more like transmogrification of old criminals to add to the hungry novice over anxious ones. Over the 3 years into the President Weah Regime and to the last remaining time, the hopes of many have faded due to the very act they pretentiously criticized the latter government. The very regime the same old washed and outer politicians partook in. It’s was like o”Old Wine In New Bottle”.
There’s only a little different in hands and cups being served. LIBERIA is only being pull back in each day that passes by. It’s not on path with nothing forwarding. The only that has been really consistent and improving is the rampant corruption, extortion, distortion, violation of Laws by the same politically deficit and deficient Lawmakers , Head of State and Ministers, Clergymen and Directors.
Just like one African Writers said” No Past,No Present and No Future”

And that’s exactly the state of LIBERIA and her citizens are right now. Our past and current Leaders and governments have failed miserably. LIBERIA is a rogue and failed State right now. Thanks to our Executive, Legislative and Judicial Arms for making it a failed and defacto State. Our 103 Lawmakers are a complete embarrassment and disappointment to the people of LIBERIA. They are responsible for the 65% of political, social and economic stagnation we have expeienced and still experiencing those 18 yers. Just as the Spineless pretentious hypocritical Politicians, we too as citizens are equally responsible for most of the mess and challenges affecting the country. Until, we can know who we are and try to improve our Mindset,Soulset, and Heartset, we have got more turbulence times ahead.

I leave you with one of the Powerful verses from Islam Holy Qur’an and says” God Does Not Change The Situation or Condition of a People, Unless The People Themselves Are Working Towards It” Let’s reflect on this my fellow Liberian.

God Bless Mama LIBERIA.