GOL To Raise Over 13-Million Liberian Dollars Aimed at Rehabilitating And Reintegrating At-Risk-Youths

As a mean of reducing security and economic risks associated with the increased number of disadvantaged youths in the country, the Government of Liberia is expected to raise 13.8 Million Liberian Dollars aimed at rehabilitating and reintegrating At-Risk-Youths known as Zogos in Montserrado County.


The Government of Liberia through the National Housing Authority (NHA) has commenced the construction of 5000 housing units along the Monrovia – Roberts field Highway in Schieffelin Town in Margibi County over a period of five years and has secured One Hundred Million United States Dollars to build additional 2000 housing units.

Another Corruption King Kong Surface In Liberia,Prof. Wilson Tarpeh Booked In Another Broad Day Corruption At EPA

It is often said, you can drop what you have in your hands but you can not drop that which is in your blood. That saying seems to be happening to the EPA Executive Director Wilson Tarpeh. The Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Agency,Wilson Tarpeh has again put on his garment of dishonesty and illegal behavior at the environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that led to the demotion of Senior Manager, a signatory to EPA account Who Refuses to carry out Some corrupt Act in Line with Tarpeh’s mandate. It is alleged that Mr. Wilson Tarpeh is also engage into illegal withdrawal of funds from the EPA operational bank account.