November 15, 2022

About Us

HardTalk Liberia is owned by ADICO, established in 2011, and is poised to becoming the national debating organization for Liberia. Our primary goal is to help build the potential of today’s youth and the intellectual leaders of tomorrow in Liberia and its environs through the delivery of diverse and effective debate learning programs. The Forum intends to achieve its goals by delivering a wide range of high quality debate learning programs which lead to promoting the culture and use of debate, open dialogue and discussion as effective academic and personal development skills amongst High School and University Students.

The Forum aims to produced a highly qualified, competitive and socially adept students who excel in both local and global societies. We expect schools and universities to consider the importance of debate as a subject and life skill that significantly improves students’ ability to communicate better, to make informed choices, and to actively contribute to the development of their society.

As a Forum, HardTalk Liberia also serves the community by partnering with local organizations and ministries to improve the quality of public discussions through public debates programs. These collaborative programs offer an informed and constructive platform for organizations to empower the youth and raise awareness of important local and global issues in an open forum.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop, support and raise the standard of open discussion and debate among students in Liberia, thereby empowering the youth of today as well as creating the intellectual leaders of tomorrow.

Our Mission

To foster a culture of discussing and debating national issues.

Our Objective

To educate young people about communications and critical thinking.