The Students Unification Party of the University of Liberia -SUP is calling on well-meaning Liberians in the country and diaspora to assist in ensuring that all of their colleagues who were allegedly beaten by group of people believed to be supporters of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) acquring the best of medical attention they need.

In a press release issued in Monrovia Friday July 29,2022, SUP said the condition of those that were brutalized is getting worse and needs the help of kind hearted humanitarian to survive.

The release noted that Christopher Sivili, one of the victims condition is very critical and it is only through seeking advanced medical treatment abroad that can help save his life.

Photo of Christopher Sivili in a local clinic

“We have managed to get him a good medical attendant but there is no improvement in his condition. The situation of the brother continues to worsen by the day and we are craving the best support to save our comrade’s life” the release stated.

They noted that they are seeking support of material or Finance from all well-meaning Liberians at home and in the diaspora, particularly the SUP’s Veteran Community as well as local and international humanitarian/partners to aid in providing advanced medical treatment for our colleagues who were victims of what it described as “such barbarity”, especially Cde. Christopher W.S. Sivilii who condition remains very critical hitherto.

According to the statement, Those who were brutalized and continue to suffer cruel pain in critical conditions are, Cde. Christopher Sivili who has been unconscious for days and in severe pain, Cde. Paul Dolo, Cde. George Darsaw, Cde. Sekou Kromah, Cde. Abraham Nulah, Cde, Jack Gbassana, Cde. Abraham D.M. Dorley, Cde. David Howard, Cde. Stephen Brown, Cde. Lawrence Gray. Since we took them to local clinics for medical attention, they all have not been responding to treatment, notably, Christopher Sivili who is not talking at all.

At the same time, SUP is also cautioning the Liberia National Police to desist from what it called “hypocrisy of so-called investigation by the so-called two sides”. They noted that SUP was never in confrontation with any rival group, stressing that they comrades were very peaceful in their assembly but unfortunately, they were simply beaten and brutalized gruesomely by what they described as gangs and hoodlums on the alledged instructions of Jefferson Koijee.

They stated that the action on the part of the Police is unwarranted and further indicting, and may characterize any investigation as ‘mere bluff’ in the eyes of the public.

The release also demanded the immediate arrest and prosecution of people it’s referred to as gangs (Ben B. Togba, Jr, Abdurahman Barrie, Hassan Trawallay, Foday Massaquo,i, Pukar Roberts, Henry Tabla, Jr., Aaron Chea Koffa, etc) and their Chief Mastermiders and sponsors of the cowardly CDC Regime including Jefferson Koijee.

“SUP wants to make it categorically clear that President George Weah, Nathaniel McGill, and Samuel Tweah are the chief patrons of this savage barbarism meted out again innocent university students and peaceful Liberians” the statement mentioned.

Meanwhile the Student Unification Party said going forward, it will pursue justice for their colleagues who were victims of such mayhem in all facets and will assured that the perpetrators are made to pay for their heinous actions against the Vanguard Party.

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