Out going Unity Party chairman Amin Modad has congratulated Rev. Luther Tarpeh on his election as Chairman-elect of the opposition Unity Party.

In a social media post issued Friday hours after the counting of the ballot, Mr. Modad is quoted as saying “I congratulate Rev. Luther Tarpeh on winning the Chairmanship of the Unity Party and all those ascending to leadership”.

Screenshot of Amin Modad Facebook post

He further thanked the partisans of Unity Party especially his supporters who he said braved all the challenges to participate in the convention to fulfill their democratic rights and obligations.

He continued by saying that over the last 20 months, he was afforded the unique opportunity to serve and work with a phenomenal team of dedicated colleagues including Dabah M. Varpilah, Jeror Cole Lofa Bangalu, Roland Giddens, Cornelia Kruah-Togba, Ben A. Fofana, Whroway Bryant, Selena Mappy, Edmund Forh Forh, Christian Cooper, Henry Zohnweah, and others, who mean so well for the Party and Country.

Meanwhile, Chairman Modad said there is no doubt that he will be missed noting that together with others officials of the party have set the platform for many possibilities. He at the same time expresses his deepest appreciation to what he called “the dynamic campaign team” led by Cllr. Jeror Cole Bangalu and Alphonso Belleh, supported by Togar Melvin Cephas, Charles Roberts, and the staff at the UP National Headquarters including Zunu K. Duyann, Klubo Mulbah Bartee, Seamanee Kolleh, Victoria Hodge, etc who he said made their work easier.

In a related development, the outgoing secretary general of the Unity have also sent a congratulatory message to his successor Amos Tweh. Hours after the counting of the ballot Mr. Ali took to his social media account to congratulate his successor.

Mr. MMohamed Ali

“Congratulations to Partisan Amos Tweh for his election as National Secretary General of our great Unity Party. Like I said during the debate, our commitment remains with the institution and our goal remains 2023. We will not waiver in our quest to ensure that a more formidable UP wins in 2023. We trust the ability of the new leadership and we trust they will do all they can for our victory” Mo Ali Stated.

He also use the platform to congratulate Chairman elect, Rev. Luther Tarpeh. He noted that the partisans have spoken and they must all abide.

He is also quoted as saying”over our one year 10 months service, we brought so much life to the party and achieved a lot together. We were able to advert so many catastrophes that would have effectively ended the existence of our party”.

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