Dual Citizenship Law Passes; As Both Houses Grant Enactment

Liberia has joined other African Countries in the Sub-region to provide for dual Citizenship through a Legislative enactment.

The passage follows an endorsement of a conference Committee Report of both Houses of the Legislature by the Liberian Senate, amending the Act or nullifying certain provision of the Alien and Nationality law of Liberia.

The endorsement of the Conference report follows a report from the Senate Statutory Committee on Judiciary, Human Rights, Claims and Petitions under the Chairmanship of Grand Cape Mount County Senator and Chairman of the Committee, Cllr. Senator, Varney G. Sherman.

According to the Conference Committee Report, the Amendment of the Act will restore the rights of Citizens that were lost as a consequence of the provisions under the Previous Act.

The Legislature believes that the Amendment of the Act has now provided the condition for Liberia to joined other African Countries in the sub-region that are enjoying dual Citizenship.

The Amended Act amongst others, has ensured the removal of the discrimination between the Citizens right of a person born of a Liberian father and a foreign mother on one hand and a person born of a Liberian mother and a foreign father on the other hand.

The Amended Act also sought the restoration of Citizenship to those Liberian Citizens who as a consequence of certain provision of the Alien and Nationality law have lost their Liberian Citizenship without due process of law.
At the same time, the Amended Act sought the reservation to a Liberian citizens the right to acquire the Citizenship of another Country and retain his or her Citizenship amongst others.

The Amended Act when approved by the Chief Executive will strengthened the rights of Liberian Citizens and ensure that they are entitle to Citizenship rights, which commonly devolved on Citizens of other Countries similarly situated as Liberia

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