Though it is indicated by the LWSC that the US$49,995 was advance payment for the months of May and June 2021, FrontPageAfrica newspaper has obtained a communication sent to the Management of Monrovia Club Breweries by the Liberia Water & Sewer Corporation requesting the entity to make advanced payment on its monthly bill to a private company. The managing director in a communication to the general manager of Monrovia Club Breweries stated that the payment was for the payment of water treatment chemicals.

The communication verbatim:

Dear Prof. Oniyama:

As per our conversation regarding the extra pumping hours by the Technical department, we hereby authorize you to please issue a cash payment to Moinou Solo Bility Business Entity for the acquisition of water treatment chemicals as stated below, said amount will be prorated against our bill.

Aluminum Sulphate _______465 bags at US$80     = US$37,200

HTH ___________________45 buckets at US$24  = US$11,925

Lime _______ 87 bags at US$10     = US$870

Total _____________________          US$49,995.00

We anticipate your fullest consideration in this regard to enable us continuously pump water to serve our valued customers.

Best regards,

Duannah A. Kamara

Managing Director

According to the paper, When contacted for comments, the Public Relations Department of the LWSC told it that the Corporation has a contract with Moinou Solo Bility Business Entity for the supply of treatment chemicals. But according to the department, in cases where the Corporation does not have the funding for the chemicals, it implores the financial help of some big clients like Club Breweries in order to get the needed materials when they have issues.
Reviewing the same document obtained by FrontPageAfrica, a former high-ranking executive of LWSC said, “All bills to the Corporation are to be paid to the Corporation, and then the corporation pays for chemicals after bidding and PPCC processes have been completed.”

Courtesy of Frontpage Africa Online

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