LNP CHARGED MAN 31, FOR manslaughter and illegal possession of firearm

Report from Bong County says, the Criminal investigation Division of the Liberia National Police in Bong has charged and sent to Court a 31 year old man with manslaughter and illegal possession of firearm after discharging and instantly killing his father in Gweamu, Sanoyea District.

Victim Peter Dorwah, in his late 50s, was shot and killed in his chest with a single barrel gun from a close range by his step son Marcus Yancy who spoke to journalist while in police custody, saying he mistakenly took his step father to an animal that he had since wished to kill while hunting.

Yancy added that the animal has dribbled him continuously, but shockingly turned this way after killing it!The perpetrator, from his Sanoyea police detention told newsman that his action was a mistake and not deliberate as many might be thinking.

31 year-old Marcus Yancy further narrated that after work on Saturday evening, everybody left him on the farm and went home as he had previously informed them that he was going to stay behind to hunt afterwards he would follow them in the town.

According to him, that Saturday evening after a pour of rain abated, he decided to reach his usual hunting area using different route while on way; he observed something with black color quivering in the bush in front of him.

Meanwhile, at the crime scene, the lifeless body of the victim was seen lying beside his cutlass, a bag and some pieces of ginger the victim has gone digging before his unfortunate death.

This situation marks the second after in less than a year in the district.

In August 2021, a hunter accidentally killed another hunter in Sanoyea Chiefdom with a single barrel gun during hunting with similar justification as it appears that this is the only justification they can proffer.

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