GOL To Raise Over 13-Million Liberian Dollars Aimed at Rehabilitating And Reintegrating At-Risk-Youths

As a mean of reducing security and economic risks associated with the increased number of disadvantaged youths in the country, the Government of Liberia is expected to raise 13.8 Million Liberian Dollars aimed at rehabilitating and reintegrating At-Risk-Youths known as Zogos in Montserrado County.

The amount, according to the Chairperson on the Secretariat of the At-Risk-Youths Fund Drive, Rufus Darkortey, is an initial amount only intended to kick-start the program, stressing that additional money will be needed for sustainability and expansion of the program in other counties.

Speaking to reporters over the weekend at the Invincible Sports Park in Sinkor, Darkortey noted that in fulfillment of this initiative, government is also expected to launch a National Fund Drive on June 30, so as to raise said amount.

Mr. Darkortey – who is also the Senior Economic and Policy Advisor to the Ministry of Finance, noted that At-Risk-Youths across the country are not productive, instead they are liability to national government.

Meanwhile, Darkortey termed the issue of At-Risk-Youth as one needing national approach under the leadership of President George Weah and his development partners.

Credit: Across Africa

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