Senate Confirms Public works Minister Designate Madam Ruth Cooker-Collins

The Liberian Senate has confirmed Public Works Minister designate, Madam Ruth Cooker-Collins.

The Senate Committee Chair On Public works Sen. Edwin M. Snowe posted on his official facebook page early Thursday morning immediately minutes after the Confirmation.

The Public works Minister Madam Ruth Cooker Collins confirmation hearing was presided over by the Bomi County Lawmaker as Chairman on the Public works Committee and ranking member of the Senate .

Little over two months ago, and prior to the Public works Minister Madam collins appointment by President Weah, the Bomi County Lawmaker and Chairman on the Public works Committee Sen. Edwin Melvin Snowe was heard seeking the indulgence of the Senate plenary to communicate to President Weah on why there was perpetual delayed in the appointment of a public works Minister following one year of Madam Ruth Cooker Collins acting as Minister after the death of the late public works Minister Mabutu Nyenpan

Credit: Cable TV

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