Joseph Nyuma BOAKAI and Unity Party Delegation leave for LOFA COUNTY

Ahead of the June 28 bi-election in Lofa County, the standard bearer of the unity party, Joseph Nyuma Boakai and high power Unity Party entourage have left Monrovia are headed in the county.

According to a release from the UP, the entourage in a twenty car convoy is expected to be welcomed at St Paul bridge by stalwarts, auxiliaries and supporters of the Unity Party.
Amb. Boakai, a son of Lofa County is teaming up with Former Defense Minister, Brownie J.Samukai and the Senatorial Candidate Galakpai Kortimai in one of the biggest political showdowns between the Unity Party and other parties for the Senate seat of Lofa.

With the Standard Bearer are the Chair of the Former ruling party Amin Modad, Secretary General Mo Ali, Cllr. Cole Bangalu, Vice Chair for Inter-party Affairs, Chairs of the Women and Youth Congresses and a host of Senior Party Executives. The two Lofa County Unity Party Lawmakers: Hon. Francis Nyumalin and Hon. Clarence Massaquoi will also form part of the delegation and host the Party in Lofa.

Auxiliaries of the Unity Party that went ahead of the delegation are already in the County to prepare for the Standard Bearer who is expected to mount a stiff resistance against the ruling CDC. He will be highlighting the difficulties the CDC Government has brought on the Liberian nation and people during the campaign.

Other Opposition leaders expected to join the campaign trail include: Hon. Benoni Urey and a delegation from the All Liberia Party, Sen. Darius Dillon, Sen. Steve Zargo and a delegation from the Liberty Party and Hon. Yekeh Kolubah.

The delegation is expected to remain in Lofa County until the conduct of the elections.

JNB is expected to arrive in Salayea by 8 am, tour a number of towns and villages in the district before proceeding to Zorzor, onwards to Voinjama the capital of Lofa County. While in the county’s capital, he and the team will tour Quardu Gboni and sorrounding towns before going westward to kolahun, Foya and vahun.

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