Electrocuted LEC Employee Needs To Be Flown Abroad- Says Family Source

MONROVIA: The family of Gabriel Cruz Borbordee, who got electrocuted with a high tension power line late Wednesday evening is appealing for assistance in order to seek medication abroad.

The 28-year-old, an employee of the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC), is “responding to treatment at the John F. Kennedy (JFK) Memorial Hospital in Monrovia” after Wednesday’s mishap, family sources told HardTalk Liberia.

One family source said though the family is cooperating with the management of the LEC, seeking medical treatment abroad would be “most guarantee to save their relative’s life”.

Gabriel was electrocuted on 25 May due to a “technical issue” on a pole on Monrovia’s Capitol Bye Pass after being called by a supervisor only identified as Frank.

Frank, it’s alleged, had instructed Gabriel and his team to work on a low-voltage (LV) line, insisting it needed to be fixed to provide electricity to the Bye Pass community that had been without electricity for weeks.

An employee of the LEC who requested preferred not to be named told HardTalk Liberia that in order to work on that particular pole the entire power line from the LEC head office needed to be switched off until after the work was completed.

But HardTalk Liberia gathered that Frank who should have given instructions to fix the line was the same person who should have ensured that the power was switched off. 

“But unfortunately for Gabriel and his team Frank did not switch off the power and the kid unknowingly climb the pole and in less than minutes he got electrocuted,” an employee of the LEC noted.

“We thank God he survived. For someone to survive from almost 2500w of electrocution, it has to be the mercy of God. We are glad he’s responding to treatment,” a source hinted.

Frank, however, couldn’t be reached for clarity up to press time.

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