The West African Examination Council (WAEC) has announced activities leading to the examination for 2022.

Speaking at the Ministry of information cultural affairs and tourism regular press briefing on Thursday, May 26, 2022 , Mr Dale Gbotoe head of WAEC LIBERIA said they are in top gear for the 2022 series of Examinations that are meant for schools candidates.

“The exams this year will be administered to four categories of students, The West African Senior Secondary Examination (Wasse) for twelve graders, The Liberia Junior School Examination for nine graders and the LIBERIA Primary Schools Examination for six and third graders.” Mr Gbotoe added.

Mr Gbotoe also disclosed that the West African Senior Secondary Schools Examinations start will on Tuesday May 31,2022 in LIBERIA.”we will be joining the rest of the three countries on may 31, 2022 because LIBERIA has nine subjects to administer to it students, but; Sierra Leone, Nigeria, and Gambia started their WASSE since May 16,2022 due the multiplicity of subjects they’re administering, except for Ghana that is not in readiness to start their Examination because its academic year started early February this year due Covid19 outbreak.

According to the head of WAEC LIBERIA, the Wasse exam will last for twelve days throughout LIBERIA, it will begin on Tuesday, May 31 to June 17, 2022. Gbotoe also told News men that there are (44,793) candidates from 809 schools in the senior high division, (39, 252)candidates from 1,695 schools in the junior high division, (2,444 ) candidates for the six grade division with 325 Examination centers nationwide and 1,455 schools have presented candidates for third grade in this year’s Examination and they will be writing their exams on their respective campuses, and; over 21 thousand candidates are expected to sit for the test.

” We have three hundred thirty four (334) Examination centers across LIBERIA, while we have eight hundred and nine (809) senior Secondary schools that meet up the requirements and are qualified by WAEC LIBERIA to sit the Examination nationwide.” Mr Gbotoe asserted.

He maintained, with the exception of Grand Kru, River Cess and River Gee counties which has two Examination centers and; the rest of the other counties have more centers for candidates, and montserrado county has about 70 percent of the 809 schools in the senior high division that are expected to sit the Examination.

Mr Gbotoe added that since 2018 the government of LIBERIA has been paying the Wasse fees for senior high school students across the country. And each school has been given the six hundred fifty(650) slots for their students. But; it’s surprising to see schools calling WAEC LIBERIA at the eleventh hour, especially school in montserrado county that they have omitted the name of some their students and appealing to WAEC LIBERIA office to accommodate those affected students by allowing them sit for the Exams.

However the WAEC LIBERIA boss attributed the problems to human error as WAEC LIBERIA is also run by humans and further lamented that this not the justification for accommodating those omitted names.

“I am seriously worried and concern about how my staffers will reach in certain of the country as the road conditions across the country are in deplorable conditions, especially the roads in the southwest and it’s a major challenge for WAEC LIBERIA during this rainy season, this may cause delays in the test reaching in that part of the country somehow late.” Mr Dale Gbotoe concluded.

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