CACC Welcomes NCHE Decision To Conduct Credential Audit At Various Universities And Colleges Across Liberia

A group under the banner Campaigners for Academic Crimes Court in Liberia (CACC) has welcomed the latest decision of the National Commission on Higher Education (NCHE) to begin a Credential Audit at various Universities and Colleges across Liberia starting with the University of Liberia and the Tubman University.

In a press statement issued on Wednesday, May 25, 2022 CACC also commended Dr. Edward Lama Wonkeryor and his team at the NCHE for demonstrating willingness and readiness to crack down on fake degrees and academic fraudsters throughout Liberia.

CACC wants to reassure all Liberians that it will even become more aggressive and uncompromising against fake credentialists.

The CACC according to the release, is open to working with the NCHE during this national exercise of credential audit. Our 9-member technical team of Certified Anti-Fraud Campaigners, most of whom are revered academics and technocrats with terminal degrees, are set to contribute to this important exercise free of charge.

Meanwhile, the Campaigner for Academic Crimes Court in Liberia has recommended among other things, that an independent and open process that seeks to publicly expose all academic fraudsters and their fake degrees like it is done in Sierra Leone, Ghana, Rwanda, Nigeria, and most countries, the names and bogus degrees of would be academic fraudsters MUST never be concealed or hidden. The public deserves to know who are they;

The group also wants the immediate withdrawal and cancellation of all credentials from the bogus online degree mill, Atlantic International University (AIU). Rwanda, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, USA, and several other countries do this recognize the AIU.

CACC is further recommending the immediate dismissal of Mr. Mogana S. Flomo as Consultant of the NCHE; adding that the credentials of Mr. Flomo are utterly fake;

Since this impending Credential Audit will basically focus on both private and public Universities and Colleges, CACC recommends that this exercise be extended to the public service (officials and civil servants of government) starting with the Ministry of Education and the National Commission on Higher Education;

CACC believes that when academic fraudsters are caught red-handed, they should fully account for the damage that they’ve caused.

CACC is therefore recommending the full prosecution of all academic fraudsters whenever they are caught, noting that a National Academic Database System (NADS) be set up in order to track, document, and profile legit credentials from fake ones.

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