Another Corruption King Kong Surface In Liberia,Prof. Wilson Tarpeh Booked In Another Broad Day Corruption At EPA

It is often said, you can drop what you have in your hands but you can not drop that which is in your blood. That saying seems to be happening to the EPA Executive Director Wilson Tarpeh.

The Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Agency,Wilson Tarpeh has again put on his garment of dishonesty and illegal behavior at the environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that led to the demotion of Senior Manager, a signatory to EPA account Who Refuses to carry out Some corrupt Act in Line with Tarpeh’s mandate. It is alleged that Mr. Wilson Tarpeh is also engage into illegal withdrawal of funds from the EPA operational bank account.

According to a source within the EPA, Hon Wilson Tarpeh has with immediate effect demoted Mr. George Kawah, a senior Manager Who disagreed with him on excessive and unregulated expenditures.

According to the information, prior to Mr. Kawah reassignment, he had earlier reminded Wilson Tarpeh to repay the sum of 7000k USD which he took as DSA to attend a conference in Palau but did not attend, and has since failed to repay such amount. Wilson Tarpeh felt angry and decided to get at Mr. Kawah for reminding him.

Because of this, Wilson Tarpeh has demoted Mr. Kawah to a position of a Focus Point to the Rotterdam convention, a position which requires a Chemist. Mr Kawah is an administrator and a career auditor.

The EPA Executive Director also violated the Government of Liberia travel ordinance on public officials traveling outside of the country on official trip should not travel on BUSINESS CLASS TICKET but Mr. Wilson Tarpeh made EPA to buy him business class ticket from Jackie Continental Travel & Tour for US$10,911.00 for trip he Tarpeh did not make.

Wilson Tarpeh has eaten the total of US$17,911.00 for Climate Change Conference in Palau he did attend. For this conference, Palau and the United States Co-hosted the 7th Our Ocean Conference on April 13-14, 2022. The Palau Conference was a high level Climate Change Conference which Liberia missed out on due to Wilson Tarpeh greediness against the state.

What does the EPA act says?
According the the 2002 section 18 of the act establishing the EPA, heads of departments are appointed by the board and serve on such terms as the board may deem necessary, contrary to section 18 of the EPA’s act, Wilson Tarpeh has demoted Mr. Kawah without the knowledge of the Board.

Wilson Tarpeh has boasted to employees of the that President Weah is his nephew who cannot easily do anything to him.
Mr. George Kawah served as head of administration for 7years at the EPA and as worked there for over 10 years. The little girl replaced by Mr. Kawah has been promoted two times within a period 9 months. She has only been at the EPA for 2 years and half.
Employees at the EPA who spoke to this paper with names withheld have accused Wilson Taperh of overlapping functions and performing the functions of the board of the EPA while violating EPA’s HR handbook/Policy . Employees now at the EPA are operating in fear as Wilson Tarpeh has deployed private securities everywhere in EPA’s compound to collect Information on people disagreeing with his policies.

What does the EPA’s policy says about demotion?
Section 3 of the policy talks about due process and Corrective measures
It says that the issuance of written notices, suspensions, demotion, transfers with disciplinary salary or benefits cut and termination or any other disciplinary, administrative or corrective measures must follow or be done in accordance with due process.

Due process of law as used in this policy is granting the accused or the defendant employee against whom charges are brought, the right to be heard and to defend himself/herself, even with the legal representation if the individual concerned so desire.
This was not in the case of Mr. Kawah.

He has never been warned, suspended. He was abruptly demoted for administratively disagreeing with Wilson Tarpeh.

The Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Prof. Wilson Tarpeh has come under severe criticisms for what employees of the agency described as bad and ineffective leadership style. Tarpeh is being accused by some employees of the EPA of massive corruption, nepotism and favoritism. Something they said is hampering the working environment of the agency.

It can be recalled that, as then Minister of Commerce and Industry, Professor Wilson Tarpeh was accused by his former Deputy Minister, Jemima Wolokollie that he orchestrated a “well-organized crime” that involved a loan scheme for female marketers of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

Credit: Cable Media

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