Reports coming in from Cestos City says A 10 year old girl identified as Evelt Marklyn has allegedly drowned in the Cestos River after she was reportedly seen swimming in the river Saturday evening with other kids.

According to the report, a group of young children including Evelt Marklyn were playing in the Cestos River while their parents were duping a nearby house at the riverside.

An Eyewitness, Michael Wilson told reporter that initially he drove them out of the river and told their parents that their children were swimming but Evelt Marklyn failure to leave the river, but was taken away by her father Sam Marklyn.

According to Mr. Wilson right after the moment he left for the football field and few hours he saw group of people moving to the Fantee Community as the news about a child drowning in the river was all over the community.
According to a coronal Jury report, there was no file play as the police continue their investigation.

The Cestos River is dangerous during the raining season. On August 12, 2010 about 10 people got droned in the Cestos River Cess as result of a canoe that capsized while heading for Yarnee Administrative District in River Cess County.

Credit to Alexander Blamo

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